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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Recover Data from Hard Drive, Memory Card, USB, Mobile Phone

You may have use data recovery software’s for Windows or Mac before but normally it will only work on traditional hard-disks and also they are very complicated to use. What if you want to recover data from any Hard Disk, Memory Card, USB or from your Mobile Phone then you use some special software which is easy to use and you can find the files which you are looking for. When we shift delete the files from our windows operating system it only remove it’s reference from registry and the actual file is still located at that point. All you need to do is to find a software which can search and find that find for you.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The solution for all your problems is EaseUS data recovery software (available for both Windows and Mac) which is very easy to use and available for free. It will not only find the deleted files but it will also find the files on formatted drive. It powerful algorithm search each and every sector of hard disk or any memory and give you list of all files you want to search.
Some times Windows cannot access the partition due to bad sector or any other issue but this software will over come all hurdles so that you can find what you want. You can search the particular file format or complete formatted drive. It’s free version will find 2GB of data and if you want to search more than you need to purchase it.
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