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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How To Use Sniperspy To Hack Passwords

SniperSpy is the industry leading Remote password hacking software combined with the Remote Install and Remote Viewing feature.Once installed on the remote PC(s) you wish, you only need to login to your own personal SniperSpy account to view activity logs of the remote PC’s! This means that you can view logs of the remote PC’s from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access! Do you want to Spy on a Remote PC? Expose the truth behind the lies! Unlike the rest, SniperSpy allows you to remotely spy any PC like a television! Watch what happens on the screen LIVE! The only remote PC spy software with a SECURE control panel! This Remote PC Spy software also saves screenshots along with text logs of chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more. Remotely view everything your child, employee or anyone does while they use your distant PC. Includes LIVE admin and control commands!

SniperSpy Features:
1. SniperSpy is remotely-deployable spy software
2. Invisibility Stealth Mode Option. Works in complete stealth mode. Undetectable!
3. Logs All Keystrokes

4. Records any Password (Email, Login, Instant Messenger etc.)

5. Remote Monitor Entire IM Conversations so that you can spy on IM activities too
6. Captures a full-size jpg picture of the active window however often you wish
7. Real Time Screen Viewer
8. Remotely reboot or shutdown the PC or choose to logoff the current Windows user
9. Completely Bypasses any Firewall
What if i dont have physical acess to victims computer?

No physical access to your remote PC is needed to install the spy software. Once installed you can view the screen LIVE and browse the file system from anywhere anytime. You can also view chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more, with screenshots.
This software remotely installs to your computer through email. Unlike the other remote spy titles on the market, SniperSpy is fully and completely compatible with any firewall including Windows XP, Windows Vista and add-on firewalls.
The program then records user activities and sends the data to your online account. You login to your account SECURELY to view logs using your own password-protected login. You can access the LIVE control panel within your secure online account.
Why would I need SniperSpy?
Do you suspect that your child or employee is inappropriately using your unreachable computer? If yes, then this software is ideal for you. If you can’t get to your computer and are worried about the Internet safety or habits of those using it, then you NEED SniperSpy.
This high-tech spy software will allow you to see exactly what your teenager is doing in MySpace and elsewhere in real time. It will also allow you to monitor any employee who uses the company computer(s).
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How To Protect Your Computer From Keylogger

In this post I’ll write about anti-keylogger software called Keyscrambler. It’s very effective when comes to protect your computer from keyloggers. Keyscrambler encrypts your keystrokes , so even if hacker had installed keylogger software on your computer , he’ll get wrong keystrokes.
Go to the link below , download and install KeyScrambler Personal version . It’s FREE.
Version: 2.8.2
File size: 1.28MB

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7
Download Link : Keyscrambler Personal
How does KeyScrambler works?
Let’s see how KeyScrambler works. For example let’s assume that hacker installed keylogger software on my computer. I launch firefox and logging in my gmail account , typing username and pass **********.

My keyscrambler encrypts username and pass. When you types keystrokes you should see keyscrambler windows on the top of firefox , it looks like this

Let’s see what keylogger captures

As you can see on image above , hacker will get wrong keystrokes .
What is Keylogger?
It’s simple stealth software that sits between keyboard hardware and the operating system, so that it can record every key stroke. It’s very powerful and simple tool to hacks passwords . If you don’t have physical access to computer that you want to hack then you can use keylogger with remote access .

How To Hack Websites

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to hack websites as facebook, gmail, yahoo and similar. There are many ways to hack websites .

How To Hack Websites Using Phishing Method
Phishing is the other most commonly used trick to hack passwords. This method involves the use of Fake Login Pages whose look and feel are almost identical to that of legitimate websites. Fake login pages are created by many hackers which appear exactly as Gmail ,Photobucke, facebook, Yahoo login pages and similar
Once you enter your login details on such a fake login page, they are actually stolen away by the hacker.
Here are the best step by step tutorials that explains how to hack websites using phishing method.
1) How To Hack Facebook – explains how to hack facebook account with fake login page
2)How To Hack Facebook Accounts | Video Tutorial
3)How To Hack Gmail - part 1
4) How To Hack Gmail - part 2
5)How To Hack A Photobucket Account
6) How To Hack Yahoo Password
How To Hack Websites Using Remote Spying Software
Once installed on the remote PC you wish, you only need to login to your own personal remote spying account to view all recorded data of the remote PC and to control target PC’ with remote access . Here are the best tutorials from that explains how to hack websites using remote spying software
1)How To Use Sniperspy To Hack Passwords
2) How To Hack A Computer
How To Hack Websites Using Social Engineering Method
Social engineering is a term that describes a non-technical kind of intrusion that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking and fooling other people to break normal security procedures.