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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Recover Data from Hard Drive, Memory Card, USB, Mobile Phone

You may have use data recovery software’s for Windows or Mac before but normally it will only work on traditional hard-disks and also they are very complicated to use. What if you want to recover data from any Hard Disk, Memory Card, USB or from your Mobile Phone then you use some special software which is easy to use and you can find the files which you are looking for. When we shift delete the files from our windows operating system it only remove it’s reference from registry and the actual file is still located at that point. All you need to do is to find a software which can search and find that find for you.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The solution for all your problems is EaseUS data recovery software (available for both Windows and Mac) which is very easy to use and available for free. It will not only find the deleted files but it will also find the files on formatted drive. It powerful algorithm search each and every sector of hard disk or any memory and give you list of all files you want to search.
Some times Windows cannot access the partition due to bad sector or any other issue but this software will over come all hurdles so that you can find what you want. You can search the particular file format or complete formatted drive. It’s free version will find 2GB of data and if you want to search more than you need to purchase it.
recovery software in urdu

Run your Favorite SmartPhone Apps on PC, MAC and TV

I still remember the days when we use to have videos, pictures, audio files in our computer and we need to convert them into some special format in order to us it in any mobile phone. The time has changed now and with the invention of smartphone there are more and more Apps for smartphones. Now the time has come that we convert our phone Apps into some sort of format so that we can use it on our computer or laptop.

The Solution is Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an amazing software(virtual platform) which will run all smartphone Apps on your windows and Mac computer. Now you can imagine the unlimited possibilities of this software from gaming like Falppy Bird, Angry Birds and messaging Apps like WhatsApp etc. You can instantly turn your computer into smartphone and with the help of internet do wonders.
Just visit the official website of Bluestacks and click on appropriate download button according to your operating system. After you download the step-up run the it and it will start downloading and installing the complete software for you. After installation you will see the program interface like mention in the picture below. Just choose any of the App you want to run or you can search your favorite App by typing it’s name in the search bar.
bluestacks interface

How to Use WhatsApp on Computer

Similarly you can use WhatsApp via your computer and for this you simply need to find the App from the program interface. After downloading and installation of the Apps it will ask for you mobile number, just enter your number and they will send you a confirmation SMS on your cell phone. Just enter the SMS code into the App and WhatsApp will start working on your desktop machine.
whatsapp in urdu pakistan
blue stacks error problems in urdu

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Fast Boot Windows Computer in less than a Minute

All of us have experience that when we buy a new Windows PC it runs like a tiger but within few days or months it tends to get very slow. Some times it takes more than one minute to five minutes to boot which is very painful thing specially in this era of fast computers. Now the thing is that with passing time we install many software’s which customize the windows registry and add loading time value in it. This way the software will load itself automatically when the computer will start or boot. This may be a good thing but on the other hand it will slow down your system.

Install Startup Delayer

The solution is very simple that just delay the load of all these program by installing the Startup Delayer software. You also need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed into your system which you can download from Microsoft website. This amazing little utility will delay all programs and your computer will start in less than a minute for sure. You can start working right within one minute of booting your computer and programs will load after some time to make sure that your computer will remain stable.
Fast Boot Windows Computer in less than a Minute

Password Protect your Smartphone Apps

Apple and Samsung now introduced the finger print scanner in their latest smartphones so that no one can unlock your phone without your permission. But what if you handover your unlocked phone to your friend or any other person than it’s up to that person whether he or she wants to see all your data, pictures, videos, apps and any thing else. So the basic security is useless until you lock all your apps so that no one can open it without entering password.

The Solution is App Lock (Smart App Protector)

App Lock is a smart app protector for all Android smartphones which can be used by entering password, some unique pattern, or gesture. The best part I like about this app is that it will take the picture of that person who has failed to enter password for consecutive three times so that you can caught that person. Also it will close your phone in a locked position so that the person will have no more access to your phone.
You can set any master password for all your apps or individual passwords if you are very protective. One can also set the time after that it will lock the phone and it can lock incoming outgoing calls ass well. Also enable of disable Wi-Fi, 3G so that no one can use it and consume your bandwidth without your permission. If you are away from your smartphone and wanted to lock it that just send an SMS with some unique keyword and it will lock the phone.
Download App Lock (Smart App Protector) for Andriod
Password Protect your Smartphone Apps

Broadcast WebCam on any Network with VLC Player

When we talk about broadcasting webcam than Skype came to our minds but not many people know that we can simply broadcast our webcam on our home network with the help of tiny little software and other users can see it with VLC Media player. This way you only have to install the broadcasting software on one machine and VLC players on all network systems. On top of that you can very easy control the full settings of your webcam like it’s resolution, frame rate and Jpeg image quality. All this can be done in a minute and you are ready to go.

Gmax IP Camera

All you need to install is Gmax IP Camera HD which is capable of sharing video in high definition as well. The size of this software is less than 1MB and it’s portable means you don’t have too install it. Just unzip the file and use it instantly by double clicking on the executable file. This tiny little program will broadcast stream in Jpeg compression format and of course you can control the quality of the video in it’s settings.
Using this software is very simple, run the program from it’s folder and you will see a settings dialog box. Select your preferred webcam from the list and settings you want to stream. Now you need to click on Start button first in order to start the webcam. After this click on Test button and it will open the stream in your default browser. Just use network IP address located at the address bar of your browser and open the stream on any computer in your home network.

Use IP Camera with VLC Player

Open VLC player on any network computer and click on Media Tab and than on “Open Network stream”.
Broadcast WebCam on any Network with VLC Player
Here you need to give the network address which you should have found from the address bar of your browser earlier.
Broadcast WebCam on any Network with VLC Player
Click on Play button and here you go, enjoy the stream on computer.
Broadcast WebCam on any Network with VLC Player

Increase your Computer RAM with USB Flash Drive

RAM or random access memory is the very core component of your our computer because all the operations we perform are temporarily stored and run in this memory due to it’s very high speed. So greater the amount of RAM in your system it will perform faster. Unlike hard-disk you cannot store data permanently in it our home computers have always very less amount of RAM due to it’s very high price. But today we will tell you how you can use your ordinary USB flash drive and use it in order to increase your computer random access memory.


  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1
  • USB: 4GB or above
Plugin in the 4GB or more space USB flash drive into your system and go to My Computer. Now Right click on your USB drive and click on ReadyBoost tab.
Increase your Computer RAM with USB Flash Drive
As you can see in the picture above that you have to choose the option that how much memory you want to allocate for windows system. Select the maximum amount, click on apply button and than on OK button.
Every time you plug-inn this USB drive into your system it will show you option like mention in the photo above. Just select the “Speed up my System” option and you are done.
Increase your Computer RAM with USB Flash Drive
That’s it this cool new Windows 7 feature will now use the USB drive as Ram in your computer and now your computer should perform much better than before.
Increase your Computer RAM with USB Flash Drive

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Switch On/Off Air Conditioner with Smartphone from Any Where in the World

You may have already seen the many astonishing inventions of 21st century like smartphones and talking robots but some times some small basic improvements in your life can cause huge impact. Like if you want to control lights in your home with smartphone than it’s not a dream any more. Also with the help of internet you can control it from any where in the world which makes it even more interesting. In summer season when heat is on and you want to switch on your Air Conditioner before you even enter your house is not a dream any more.

EconoTech Series

The solution to control your AC wirelessly is Orient EconoTech Series which comes with built in Wi-Fi. It can connect to your home Wi-Fi router and access the internet which means you are just one app away from controlling it. Just install the app from Google Play store or from Apple iTunes store and you can switch on or off your AC without even from your home.
If you don’t have any Wi-Fi router in your home and you want to access the AC directly than don’t worry you can easily access it via Orient Direct option. Not only you will get this amazing feature in this model but it will also consume very less electricity as low as 80 watts. It uses the DC inverter technology which enables this AC to run even on low capacity generator.
Price of EconoTech 1 Ton AC: Rs. 40,588
Price of EconoTech 1.5 Ton AC: Rs.51,400
Price of EconoTech 2 Ton AC: Rs.72,564
Switch On/Off Air Conditioner with Smartphone from Any Where in the World

Use Two WhatsApp Numbers in One Device

WhatsApp is no doubt is the most famous messaging app of smartphones and that’s why Facebook brought this app in 19 Billion dollars recently. With this app one can message to other smartphone with WhatsApp installed in it free of cost. All you need to have is access to internet or Wi-Fi connection and no other charges will be applied. But normally Asian countries people are not satisfied with one number that’s why you will see dual SIM phone handset in almost 90% of people. So we thought that it will be a good idea if we tell you how to you can use two WhatsApp numbers in one device.

Solution is OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is a modifying version of real WhatsApp application which allows you to use two numbers at the same time. The best part is that you don’t need to root your device and it will work on any Android device. Also two numbers will be active at the same time like dual SIM.

Who to Install it

If you are installing the WhatsApp for the first time than all you need to do id to download the program from the link mention below and instal it.
Download OGWhatsApp
If you already have WhatsApp installed in your device than you first need to uninstall it. First take a backup of all your messages and contacts, rename /sdcard/WhatsApp to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp.

Monday, 22 December 2014

How to add Wireless Charging feature in Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Nokia introduced the wireless charging option last year in it’s high end phones but other major smartphone companies are yet to adopt this feature due to unknown reasons. Apple seems to have in no hurry but luckily you can now add the Wireless charging option in Samsung high end models specially in Galaxy S4 and S5. Of course you need to wireless charger adapter and charging station which you need to purchase separately. You can try this method in previous version like Galaxy S2 and S3.

1. Samsung Wireless Charging Kit

Samsung recently introduced a separate kit for it’s Galaxy S4 and S5 models which includes Wireless adapter and charging station. You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless S Charger Kit from here.
How to add Wireless Charging feature in Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
This is the easiest way to add this feature because all you need to do is to remove the back cover of your phone and replace it with the provided cover in the kit. The cover provided in the kit has already built-in Wireless adapter and all you need to do is to place the phone on charging station.

2. Anker Ultra-Slim Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad

With Anker Ultra-Slim Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad and adapter you can add wireless charging feature in almost any latest high end mobile of companies like Samsung, LG, Google Nexus etc.
How to add Wireless Charging feature in Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
All you need to buy is Anker Wireless Charging Pad along with adapter which you need to fix within your mobile. Please watch the video for more details.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

PTCL EVO Wingle 3G Portable Power/Battery Bank

PTCL introduced EVO 3G USB devices some years ago and it attract many customers in Pakistan due to it’s speed and portability. Also you don’t need any extra power source for it. Just plug in it with your computer, laptop or even 3G router and start using internet without any hassle. But the biggest problem with this device was that you cannot share internet with any body else or even on your own other devices which is a big draw back.

Thankfully PTCL introduced EVO Wingle 3G which allows you to share your internet on other devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops etc. Mostly people now a days uses internet on mobile and this is where the trick part comes. You cannot connect PTCL EVO Wingle 3G directly to your smartphone which means if you are outside from your home or away from any power source than you cannot connect to internet.

Use Portable Power Bank

Portable power or battery bank is a new concept which is growing attention day by day due to it’s unique features. First of all it can be used to charge your devices like smartphones, tablets etc but the biggest feature is to give power to your PTCL EVO Wingle 3G. Yes you can simply plug the device into USB port of this power bank and instantly start using internet on the go any where thought out Pakistan. Whether you are in the deserts of Ther or in the north frontier mountain range you will be able to access internet easily without any hassle.
Buy 5600 mAh Portable Power Bank from in just Rs.999/- only.
PTCL EVO Wingle 3G Portable Power/Battery Bank
Buy 12000 mAh Portable Battery Bank from in just Rs.3,800/- only.
PTCL EVO Wingle 3G Portable Power/Battery Bank
Buy Pocket-Sized USB Power Pack from in just $14.99 only.
PTCL EVO Wingle 3G Portable Power/Battery Bank
Don’t want to connect your EVO Wingle with your laptop or computer than don’t worry we have the solution for this problem as well. Just plug in EVO Wingle into the USB power plug(available in the market) and plug it into power socket like the one you see in the picture below.
PTCL EVO Wingle 3G Portable Power/Battery Bank

How to Lock/Password Protect a Full Windows Partition

 You may have use folder guard or folder vault program before in order to protect your private folders but what if you want to totally protect a full partition in windows operating system. This way you don’t have to protect each and every folder in your drive. Just set one password for whole drive and it will be locked for all other persons who use your computer. Also every time an unknown person wants to access your personal drive he or she will be presented an error message regardless a password input option.

The Solution is Partlocker

Partlocker is a very tiny and portable software which fully locks your private drive or partition and shows an error message to the person other than you. Just download the software from Official website of PartLocker and extract the zip file on your desktop. Run the PartLocker.exe file by simply right clicking on the file and select the Run as Administrator option. You will see a tiny interface with lock and unlock options.
How to Lock/Password Protect a Full Windows Partition
Now simply select the drive which you want to lock from the drop down menu and click on red clock button. That’s it your drive is lock now. Now when ever you want to unlock your drive run the program, select that drive and click on red unlock button. You drive will be unlock instantly and you don’t have to remember any password too.
How to Lock/Password Protect a Full Windows Partition

Friday, 19 December 2014

How to Start Stop Generator Automatically When light Goes Off and On

Over the years we saw that UPS solved our load shedding problem by quickly changing the main power supply to it’s own battery power supply. This way when lights goes off we cannot see any power failure which is a good thing specially for our appliances. But like all other thing UPS has a very limited functionality and you cannot run heavy electronics on it like Dry Iron, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, washing machine etc. For this you need generator which can solve most of your problems. But again the biggest problem with generator is that it cannot start or stop itself and you need to perform this duty each and every time which is real headache.

The Solution is Power Drive

Power Drive ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch) has solved this great problem and now you don’t have to start your generator at mid night when light goes off. All you need to do is to attach this panel with your generator and you are done. It will automatically start or stop the generator when lights goes off and on. This is very simple yet most effective technology available in Pakistan right now by Tri Riser group.
How to Start Stop Generator Automatically When light Goes Off and On

According to PowerATS official Facebook Page this device don’t use Rely and they have their own technology which is secret for public. The device uses high quality motor same used on microwave owns and it can bear any temperature given to it. This is what’s inside power drive.
How to Start Stop Generator Automatically When light Goes Off and On

Unfortunately at this point of time they have no website where you can get pricing and models information but if you are interested enough than please call at this number +9203456003715 (All over Pakistan) and their support person will book your order online. They will also install the device for you if you are within their support city.
How to Start Stop Generator Automatically When light Goes Off and On

Recover Files from your Dead USB Flash Drive

Floppy Disks, Compact Disk, DVD’s and now USB(Universal Serial Bus) also known as Flash Drive are the main source of carrying data with you. We all save our precious data in USB so that to backup it in a safe place. You can also read my other article in on How to protect Data in USB flash drive. Computer hard-drive is not a safe place to backup your data because it can any time be hacked or infected by virus and you can lost it.

So the good thing is to store it in a safe place like USB or Portable hard disk. Also you can use your ordinary Flash Drive to increase computer ram which is very easy thing to do. But again there is a very bad thing associated with these drives and that is there life. Almost all USB drives have some data written limit which means if the limit is crossed you cannot read or write data on it.

The Solution is MiniTool Power Data Recovery

In order to recover all data from dead USB flash drive all you need is MiniTool® Power Data Recovery Free Edition software which you can download from the link mention below. Works with almost all version of windows like XP, Vista, 7 and even with Windows 8 32 and 64 bit versions.
Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
Recover Files from your Dead USB Flash Drive

How to Find your Forgotten Wi-Fi Network Password

After the invention of computer’s world has seen some drastic changes over the years and without internet it’s nearly useless for common people. Connecting to internet is not a big issue now a days with so many options like DSL, Wireless broadband, 3G technology etc. But at the end of it you need to connect the device with your system via Ethernet cable or via your home wireless router. Ethernet cables, switches and Hub are thing of past and now everyone have wireless  routers in their homes.
The biggest problem we face with wireless routers is that any body in your neighborhood can see your network and connect to your internet which is not a good ting to do. Also they can easily hack and see all your private files and important data so it’s necessary to protect your network. For this you need to encrypt the data on your network with the help of WPA2 Security which encrypts all the data transferred on your wireless network so that no other person can see it without your permission.
Now some times it happens to us that we forget Wi-Fi password because by default windows saves it in our laptop and we don’t have to enter it on a daily basis. So if you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password than don’t worry and follow the instructions mention below to recover it.
First of all open the run or search box from your windows main menu and type “ncpa.cpl” in it. It will open the network properties of your internet adapter.
How to Find your Forgotten Wi Fi Network Password
Right click on wireless connection and select the status property from the list.
How to Find your Forgotten Wi Fi Network Password
Click on wireless properties button and then on Security tab.

Here you will see a password field with hidden network security key. Just check the show characters check box right below it and it will show you the password.
How to Find your Forgotten Wi Fi Network Password

Boost your Computer Speed with just One Click of a button

Every now and then our computers get half or slow down that we cannot perform any task which really irritates us. This normally happens due to wrong registry entries, viruses, malwares or even unnecessary operations or programs running in your system memory. We all know that how critical the RAM(random access memory) in our computer and one way to increase computer memory is by adding USB. But if you have a very limited memory and don’t want to compromise it when you are using a very special program like Photoshop or playing a game or watching a movie than don’t worry we have a solution for you.

The Solution is JetBoost

JetBoost by BlueSprig is an amazing free utility which will free your computer RAM with all unnecessary operations which are not in use and hence your system will speedup in a second. This program is so useful if you are a big fan of graphics designing, audio or video editing, Playing heavy games, watching HD movies etc than this tool will ease your life.
When ever you feel that you computer gets stuck or it’s performing very slowly than press the big Boost button located at the center of the program and you are done. It will instantly remove all unnecessary programs from the memory which results in speed up of your computer. The good thing is that this tool is totally free of cost and compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Boost your Computer Speed with just One Click of a button

How to Extract Audio from Video File

So many times in our life we like the sound in some video file and wish that we extract that sound from that video file. But now you don’t have to worry about because you can very easily do this job with a one click of a button. All you need is a tiny little software which you can download from the link mention below and extract your favorite song, music from any video file like (AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, RM, 3GP, WMV, WebM, VOB and other).

Pazera Free Audio Extractor 2.0

Pazera Free Audio Extractor is an amazing free tool which you can use to extract any kind of music from any video file. The biggest advantage is that you will get the full sound quality and with variety of file formats so that you can enjoy the file on any platform.
How to Extract Audio from Video File
This program is also available in Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Serbian, Spanish, Turkish languages. The software will convert the file into MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, FLAC, M4A, OGG or WAV format.
How to Extract Audio from Video File

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Transfer Files from Computer to Smartphone via Wi-Fi

send files via wifi smartphone computer in urdu

How many times you need to transfer data from one computer to another or from computer to smartphone and ending up with no solution. Well Windows allows you to transfer data between computers via WordGroup or peer to peer connection. But the problem is that it requires the same operating system and wires which means you have to setup a complex setup otherwise you will waste your time. Also Windows don’t allow you to send data to your smartphone which is really surprising in this modern era.

Install AnySend

AnySend is an amazing software available not only for Windows but also for Mac, Andriod and IOS platform which makes it really powerful application. The only thing you need to do is to visit the AnySend official website and download the free app on all the computers and devices where you want to transfer data.

After software installation run the program from Windows main menu and it will constantly run in your system memory. When ever you need to transfer file just copy that file or folder and select the computer or device from the AnySend menu by clicking on it’s icon in the system tray. It will instantly start the transfer process and you can enjoy your work while it will do it’s work.
Download AnySend app for Android

Send and Receive Faxes Free via Computer without Fax Machine

Although in this era of modern technology Fax machine has been overruled by Email but still you may find yourself in a situation where you have to send Fax to some government or private institution. The only advantage Fax machine have is that you do not need any computer what so ever to send receive documents which may be a good thing for small business companies. Also you will instantly get hard copy of any document over an ordinary phone line without having to print it. But again the disadvantage is that you need a Fax machine in order to do all these operations.


Things you need:

  • Scanned Document(in digital form)
  • Online Fax Service
In order to send fax online you first need to scan your document. If it’s already in digital form than congratulations you are ready to send your fax.

1. HelloFax

HelloFax is the online fax service which let you send free 5 faxes per month to any where in the world. Some of you might say 5 faxes per month is not good enough but it’s enough for students who wants to apply for job etc. In order to send fax all you need to do is to create free account on website, enter the fax number with country code, enter your full details and attach the digital copy of your document.
Send and Receive Faxes Free via Computer without Fax Machine

2. Fax Zero

Unlike HelloFax FaxZero allows you to send five 3 pages faxes on a daily basis which is really cool specially when it’s free. But the down side is that it will also print a small advertisement on the document which might not be that good if you are sending your document to some government officials. Also you don’t need to create account on this website just visit the website and full your details. Attach the file with it and send it over the internet.

Receive Fax Online

Unfortunately at this point of time no service will allow you to receive fax online free of cost. Hellofax allows you to receive faxes for 30 days which is good thing if you want to try the service.