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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Increasing Torrent Performance

Increasing Torrent Performance

Torrents and the BitTorrentfile distribution system has become extremely popular these days and has become one of the most popular mediums for downloading files off the Internet. If you do not already know, a torrent file is a type of computer file that contains metadata about files and folders which is shared and distributed in a large network of computers known as trackers. You can refer to this link for more information about torrents. There are various torrent clients used to download files from this network and the most popular ones are:
Some users while downloading files using torrent clients experience slow downloads which can often be caused by incorrect configuration settings of the router or a firewall on the system. So by tinkering with the configuration settings for a bit, you can easily increase your torrent download speed and enjoy a fast download. Below I’ll be showing you couple of methods and tips you can use to increase torrent performance on your PC. Throughout this guide, we’ll be using uTorrent to test and configure so it is advised you use uTorrent too.

Configuring ?Torrent for Maximum Speed and Efficiency
First we will be changing some inbuilt settings of ?Torrent to increase the performance. For that, first we need to know our connection upload speed. A simple way to do that is by visiting a website called SpeedTest. The website lets you easily calculate your connection quality, the upload and download speed.
begin test
Now you’ll see something like in the picture above. You’ll need to click the BEGIN TEST to start measuring your network speed. Make sure you pause all your ongoing downloads or other pages that uses your bandwidth before you click BEGIN TEST. This is important to get the right speed of your Internet.
spped of torrent
Once you’re done, you’ll see something like in this picture above. Your download speed and upload speed depends entirely on your connection so it might vary a lot. But what you need is the Upload Speed which is 0.38 Mbps in the above case. We will need this value later on. So either note this value down or just remember it. Now we can move onto the next step which is calculating the values for configuring ?Torrent.
So once you’ve got your upload speed, we need to go to another website to get the correct values for the configuration settings in ?Torrent. The website we’ll use is Azureus Upload Settings Calculator. Click here to visit the website. Now you will see something like this:
Now I believe you’ve seen two boxes at the top where you can enter your upload speed, either in kilobit/second or kilobyte/second. Now you know your speed was displayed in Megabits/second so we need to convert it to kilobits/second. To do that, simply multiply your upload speed with 1024. So in my case it would be 0.38*1024=380 kilobits/second. Alternately, you can use a website like ConvertUnits to convert Mbps to Kbps.
Now what you need to do is enter this value, in to the respective field in our Azureus webpage and get the results. So as soon as you fill this upload speed in the website, the remaining columns will be auto-filled with values, values that you’ve to enter in ?Torrent to optimize it. So here is how it’ll look like once you’ve entered the value into the box.
upload speed 2
Please know that the values you get on entering your upload speed will be different from mine and you have to use the values which YOU get to proceed to the further steps. So these are the values we will be using to optimize ?Torrent. So make sure you do not close this page since we require these values for the upcoming steps.

Once you’ve got the values, we are proceeding to the next step which is assigning the optimized values to the ?Torrent configuration settings. For that, first open up ?Torrent. Once you’ve done that, Click Options > Preferences.
Once the preferences window has opened, we need to fill up the values. For that click the Bandwidth tab on the left pane and fill the values into the respective columns like this:
Now head to the Queuing Tab from the Left Pane and fill up the rest of the values like this:
Yeah! You’re all done. Now you’ve actually optimized your ?Torrent configuration settings to suit your internet connection and your PC. Unlike other tutorials which promise you 100% speed increase, this is an actual working method which you can try and use on your PC. Now we’ve successfully covered the first part of this tutorial. In the next part, we’ll tinker a bit more and utilize something called ports and learn how it can really help to increase your ?Torrent speed.

Optimizing Ports To Increase Download Speed
Once we’ve configured the upload settings, it’s time to optimize our ports. If you know nothing about ports, a port is a network resource that your torrent client uses to allow other systems in the network to access your PC. All the ports have unique numbers like 3333 or 4545 which are known as TCP port number. So when other systems try to access your PC, they do it through some random ports. Suppose they’re trying to access port number 5435 and if your ports are closed or blocked, they won’t be able to access your PC and stops connections to your PC and thereby decrease your download speed. So you’ll need forwarded ports to have maximum connections to PC in the network and get maximum download speed. So we will be learning how to open ports and enable others to establish a connection to your PC.

First what you need to do is disable any firewalls on your PC. If you have a firewall or Antivirus program installed, it will block incoming connections thereby decreasing your download speed. So you need to disable any firewalls or antivirus programs on your PC. Alternatively, you can add an exception for your ?Torrent client in the firewall too. This will have the same effect.

Now we need to forward a particular port. Now there are no specific instructions on how to forward a port on your PC. It completely depends on what type and brand of router you’ve got. The settings will completely vary and to overcome this difficulty, we will be using a website named PortForward.
Once you’ve entered the website, you’ll see two boxes where you can choose your router brand and your router model and then the website will give you specific instructions to forward a port for a particular application on your PC. So specify the brand and model and then choose ?Torrent from the list of applications to forward. Now you’ll see specific instructions just for you like this:
port forwarding 2
Now once you’ve followed all the steps it’s time to check whether you’ve successfully forwarded the port. This ensures you’ve done all the steps right and you’re ready to use the port. For that we will be visiting the website CanYouSeeMe. When you’re in the website, enter the port which you forwarded and click Check Your Port to know whether you’ve done it right. If yes, the website will say you’ve successfully forwarded. Else it will pop up an error in which case you’ve to repeat the steps and rectify it.

That’s it! You’ve successfully optimized your ?Torrent for maximum download speed. All your downloads will be much faster from now on and you’ll be having lots of connections from your PC making it even better. If you’ve followed this guide, I can guarantee you’ve now got a faster download speed. That sums it up for this tutorial. Thanks for reading.

3 Ways to Convert an HTML website to PDF

Do you want to transform an Online Website into a PDF file? It’s very easy to do that by just following this post, I’m going to show you 3 tricky ways to convert a HTML website into a PDF file. The website I’m going to talk about are used by many users in the internet…
PDF Files are very useful and handful, it doesn’t cost too much size and provides high quality content from Text through images and multimedia to tags, links and other stuff that you can manage to put in a PDF File. Also an HTML file is very equivalent to a PDF file but the difference is a PDF File provide an offline content, and an HTML file provide an Online content accessible everywhere on the internet. I’m presenting 3 websites that help you a lot in your Internet & Computer life, those websites can Export the content of an HTML file or Website into a PDF file.

Free Online HTML to PDF Converter is an online tool that helps you extract the content of an Online website into PDF containing around 16 Pages only. After you go to the link above, enter the Link of the website you want to Extract content from and hit Convert to PDF

#2-  PDFOnFly

PDFOnFly is very similar to the above website. After you click on the link above, scroll down and input the Website link that you want to export to PDF. PDFOnFly provides online reports to e-book (pdf files) also, and many other services.


#3-  PDFCrowd

The last website is PDFCrow, it provides a unique tool beside converting Websites to PDF, you can add the tool to your website for faster and easier conversion of your Website to an ebook or pdf. PDFCrowd is more faster than other similar websites.


That’s it for converting an Online HTML Website into an ebook PDF File. Easy as 1-2-3 …

How To Setup Automailer In Gmail

Today we are going to see how to setup an auto-mailer or auto-responder facility in Gmail. Its so easy to do and you don’t need any additional software or any other purchases for this. And the joke is that, this facility is inbuilt in Gmail by default,but not under the name auto-mailer or auto-responder….. If you setup this facility you can easily enable an auto-responding facility for you email so that the senders will get an automated confirmation or alert mails to their inbox within no time. This facility helps you to convert your ordinary Gmail to an professional one with no cost or additional setup…. Its easy to setup…. For that ,just follow the given below steps….

1)      login to your Gmail

2)      Goto settings
3)      In general tab scroll down to vocation responder and switch it ON. When ON you could see an options panel like below
Put a date for first day and uncheck end date so that the responding has no limit. But if you need you could assign an end date also.

5)      Put a subject for the reply mail and include what you need to be replied by auto responding something like “we got your mail and we will process it in 2-3 working days” . For example see the above image.
6)      If you need the auto mailing for every new mail other than your contacts you could uncheck the last option “Only send a response to people in my Contacts” 
lThat it…. Now you could set anything for auto-mailing…it can be you greetings,links,pictures or even your own ads…… now whenever someone sends you a new mail, they will get an confirmation or an auto responded mail with what pics,texts and links you have setup…..

Avoid Having Your Mobile Hacked

Avoid Having Your Mobile HackedThreats to mobile apps, operating systems and web pages have been found to be amongst the fastest-growing malware threats on the web. Hackers have gone further than just mobile casino apps, with many of the 4 million threats designed to target mobile banking apps, premium text services and Trojan gaming apps on Android operating systems.
Consumers are now asking the question: “should I be using antivirus software on my phone?” Given that smartphones, tablets and phablets now store its owner’s sensitive information, such as bank and card details, passwords and confidential emails, it is certainly advisable to take extra precautions.
Simple things like ensuring you are using a secure, non-public Wi-Fi connection before using any app that has access to your bank details, like mobile gaming, banking and shopping apps, is a given, but companies like AVG, Trend and Lookout mobile security now offer antivirus protection similar to that used on your home computer. However if you’re not ready to invest in this just yet, there are other things you can do.
Many people are now ‘jailbreaking’ their phones and devices, which allows them to install apps found outside of iTunes and Google Play stores. This not only devalues the phone; it also compromises the security offered by the operation system. Any malware that is installed on your phone can not only block files to stop programs running properly, it can also copy and share files – meaning anyone you link with through email and social media may also be at risk.
Keeping your phone on the most up to date version of your operating system and purchasing any apps and games from the app store or a reputable brand can help avoid this situation. For those who enjoy playing mobile casino games during their commute it is imperative that all downloads are purchased from a security-conscious source that can be verified by SSL technology.
By using secure socket layer (SSL) security, which allows information to be sent securely over the internet, global companies that offer mobile apps such as Tesco, HSBC and Ladbrokes offer reassurance to their customers. Thanks to continually upgrading their security it has been reported that Ladbrokes has seen an increase in app downloads from smartphones and tablets. However, it’s not only casino games that should be downloaded from reputable sources; any app or game that you purchase should come from a trusted source and offer a way to contact them should something go wrong.
When it comes to casino apps, you should never have to pay for one that you’ll be depositing money into because the companies provide the software for free. So if you want to play slots roulette or blackjack on your phone for real money, triple check the software is legitimate.
Hackers are continually developing new ways to access people’s personal details. In January a new jailbreaking site was launched called that can crack any product on the updated iOS 6 and 6.1, and Trojan viruses and malware are found in slightly different versions of popular games. For now there are ways to combat mobile viruses, but there may come a day when mobile antivirus is installed on every new phone as standard.