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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Get a Free .tk Domain like this(!!!

This Tip will help you to get a free .tk domain. The .tk domain is provided by a company (.tk is a geographical level domain). Here, you can also get it freely. This trick help you to make a redirection url like This trick helps you to get rid of those, domains. Once you get a .tk domain and when one access that url,he/she will be taken to the website you have assigned for redirection. Or in short when you go to, you will be taken to your website. Or .tk can help you and your users to access your website(as I said above those etc) through an alternate way. So just follow these steps and share your free .tk domain and let visitors visit your blog or any subdomain blogs. Go to
and check availabilty of your required name and setup your .tk website

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