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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How To Setup Automailer In Gmail

Today we are going to see how to setup an auto-mailer or auto-responder facility in Gmail. Its so easy to do and you don’t need any additional software or any other purchases for this. And the joke is that, this facility is inbuilt in Gmail by default,but not under the name auto-mailer or auto-responder….. If you setup this facility you can easily enable an auto-responding facility for you email so that the senders will get an automated confirmation or alert mails to their inbox within no time. This facility helps you to convert your ordinary Gmail to an professional one with no cost or additional setup…. Its easy to setup…. For that ,just follow the given below steps….

1)      login to your Gmail

2)      Goto settings
3)      In general tab scroll down to vocation responder and switch it ON. When ON you could see an options panel like below
Put a date for first day and uncheck end date so that the responding has no limit. But if you need you could assign an end date also.

5)      Put a subject for the reply mail and include what you need to be replied by auto responding something like “we got your mail and we will process it in 2-3 working days” . For example see the above image.
6)      If you need the auto mailing for every new mail other than your contacts you could uncheck the last option “Only send a response to people in my Contacts” 
lThat it…. Now you could set anything for auto-mailing…it can be you greetings,links,pictures or even your own ads…… now whenever someone sends you a new mail, they will get an confirmation or an auto responded mail with what pics,texts and links you have setup…..

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