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Saturday, 11 May 2013

How To Earn Money When Someone Download A File Uploaded By You

Ready to earn some money by uploading some files? The process is so simple you just upload a file in this website and share the links in somewhere like facebook,emails,blogs,websites and when someone downloads a file uploaded by you you will be earned. The website is
It’s free to use and its fast and secure. You will get instant cash just for downloading. The payments are done through PayPal. But how does it work or what is their (filebuck’s) profit for paying you? The answer is so simple when someone comes to the site to download something they have to complete a short survey to access the download link. So its clear that what is their profit and how they pays you. The whole process Is below:
So what to wait….. Just visit the website and signup for an account
After registration you can upload files and you will be given back the link to access it. Just share it over the internet.


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