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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Save The Current Windows Session And Restore Them Later

Have you ever needed to restart your Windows, but you may not want to lose the open windows and current situation of your desktop. Hibernation also loads the windows session but it does not actually restart your PC actually. If you really need a cold boot then you’ll obviously lose the current situation. You might have wished that you could save the current session of Windows as you can do in browsers like Opera and Firefox. You’ll never notice it’s need until you have lots of windows open and working in all of the windows at once.
Well if you are worrying about this then no more worries. I am here with a step by step tutorial to guide you through every step you need to save the current session of your desktop for later restoration.
You’ll need Cache My work which can be downloaded from here.
After the page is loaded click on green download button as illustrated in image below:
After you downloaded the program, install and open it.
Using this tool is very simple and easy. Just check on the boxes favorable to you and click on save.
Next, go to Tools > Option. In new option window check on Restore Previous explorer windows at next logon.
Now you may close the window.
Now onwards, it will start to cache your windows when system is being booted and reload the cache in next system start.
Just like hibernate, it stores the current cache of windows to seprate location of your hard drive. Since catching needs writing hard drive, you’ll feel that your system is being slow while shutting down and loading up. This is not a big deal as it takes time to read and write data to and from hard drive.
Using this technique will possibly save a lot of time. This also enables you to get familiar with the environment you were in the screen before windows restart.
Hope this tutorial was helpful.

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