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Friday, 9 January 2015

Check whether your ISP is reducing internet Speed or not

It’s good to know that whether your ISP(internet service provider) is reducing internet speed or blocking any service like flash video sharing e.g YouTube, Torrents, Adult Sites etc. In Pakistan very slow internet, disconnections and page not found errors are increasing day by day and the reason behind all these problems is your ISP. They block services or reduce your internet speed when ever PTA or government want them to do so. All the data you request are first stored and checked on ISP servers and after that pass on to your computer.

Try Speed Test with Glasnost

With the help of Glasnost you can easily find which service is blocked on your internet. Simply visit the official website of Glasnost and browse to the end of that page. Here you can select which service you want to check and click on Start Testing button.
bitorrent client screenshot
Please note that for this test you need to download and install Java JRE from official website link mention here. After installation it will ask for browser restart so close all your applications before doing this test.
speed test isp in urdu

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