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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Send and Receive Faxes Free via Computer without Fax Machine

Although in this era of modern technology Fax machine has been overruled by Email but still you may find yourself in a situation where you have to send Fax to some government or private institution. The only advantage Fax machine have is that you do not need any computer what so ever to send receive documents which may be a good thing for small business companies. Also you will instantly get hard copy of any document over an ordinary phone line without having to print it. But again the disadvantage is that you need a Fax machine in order to do all these operations.


Things you need:

  • Scanned Document(in digital form)
  • Online Fax Service
In order to send fax online you first need to scan your document. If it’s already in digital form than congratulations you are ready to send your fax.

1. HelloFax

HelloFax is the online fax service which let you send free 5 faxes per month to any where in the world. Some of you might say 5 faxes per month is not good enough but it’s enough for students who wants to apply for job etc. In order to send fax all you need to do is to create free account on website, enter the fax number with country code, enter your full details and attach the digital copy of your document.
Send and Receive Faxes Free via Computer without Fax Machine

2. Fax Zero

Unlike HelloFax FaxZero allows you to send five 3 pages faxes on a daily basis which is really cool specially when it’s free. But the down side is that it will also print a small advertisement on the document which might not be that good if you are sending your document to some government officials. Also you don’t need to create account on this website just visit the website and full your details. Attach the file with it and send it over the internet.

Receive Fax Online

Unfortunately at this point of time no service will allow you to receive fax online free of cost. Hellofax allows you to receive faxes for 30 days which is good thing if you want to try the service.

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