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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Password Protect your Smartphone Apps

Apple and Samsung now introduced the finger print scanner in their latest smartphones so that no one can unlock your phone without your permission. But what if you handover your unlocked phone to your friend or any other person than it’s up to that person whether he or she wants to see all your data, pictures, videos, apps and any thing else. So the basic security is useless until you lock all your apps so that no one can open it without entering password.

The Solution is App Lock (Smart App Protector)

App Lock is a smart app protector for all Android smartphones which can be used by entering password, some unique pattern, or gesture. The best part I like about this app is that it will take the picture of that person who has failed to enter password for consecutive three times so that you can caught that person. Also it will close your phone in a locked position so that the person will have no more access to your phone.
You can set any master password for all your apps or individual passwords if you are very protective. One can also set the time after that it will lock the phone and it can lock incoming outgoing calls ass well. Also enable of disable Wi-Fi, 3G so that no one can use it and consume your bandwidth without your permission. If you are away from your smartphone and wanted to lock it that just send an SMS with some unique keyword and it will lock the phone.
Download App Lock (Smart App Protector) for Andriod
Password Protect your Smartphone Apps

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