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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Fast Boot Windows Computer in less than a Minute

All of us have experience that when we buy a new Windows PC it runs like a tiger but within few days or months it tends to get very slow. Some times it takes more than one minute to five minutes to boot which is very painful thing specially in this era of fast computers. Now the thing is that with passing time we install many software’s which customize the windows registry and add loading time value in it. This way the software will load itself automatically when the computer will start or boot. This may be a good thing but on the other hand it will slow down your system.

Install Startup Delayer

The solution is very simple that just delay the load of all these program by installing the Startup Delayer software. You also need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed into your system which you can download from Microsoft website. This amazing little utility will delay all programs and your computer will start in less than a minute for sure. You can start working right within one minute of booting your computer and programs will load after some time to make sure that your computer will remain stable.
Fast Boot Windows Computer in less than a Minute

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