We all download many files on internet on a daily basis like software’s, zip files and biggest concern we face is that this file is safe or not. Unfortunately Internet is not a safe place to browse any more and if you are browsing without any antivirus than sooner or later your system will hit by any malware or spyware. Same is the case with all the files we download over the internet and we never know which one is infected by virus. One way is to download the file on your computer and scan it with your antivirus but in this case you have to download the whole file which can waste your precious time. So there should be a mechanism that allows you to scan the file even before downloading.

The Solution is VirusTotal

VirusTotal is a free website where you can check each and every file located online or even on your computer hard-disk and scan it for viruses, worms, Trojans, malware etc. All you need is the URL of that file or you can simple click on browse button and located the file on your computer. You can even search for any specific domain or website for viruses so that if you are planning to download some stuff from it than you should know it current status